Friday, April 4, 2008

East Coast Bias Jung-Fu Style

OK so definitely just went online to to check out yesterdays scores. You know I am still deciding weather or not I like the site and I notice the daily pole they have up. You got to be kidding me right?? The question was:

Which is baseball's hottest new rivalry?
Brewers vs. Cubs
Diamondbacks vs. Rockies

Indians vs. Tigers

Again, you're joking right?? I mean come on. Brewers did something the first half of the season, I am not shaking in my sox because of them. Cubs, ok in due time they will be a serious contender. Diamondbacks and Rockies?!?! OK, diamondbacks might be good but the Rockies I feel let too many people get away from them last season. That series just doesn't scream excitement for me. Than there is the Indians and Tigers, this is where my bias comes in. Is MLB that desperate to get away from the Red Sox Yankees rivalry that they need to build this one up?? Seriously, the only reason those two teams contend is because the Twins, White Sox and Royals SUCK!!!!! At least in the AL East we have another team that plays either the Sox (Toronto) or Yankees (Tampa Bay, don't laugh cause it's true) well, and sometimes the Orioles on occasion.

If you're going to talk rivalry, here's a good one, one that started towards the end of last season, you know, when the Mets caved, Mets vs. Phillies. Two teams who have the potential to make it to the series, and added to the mix in that division is the ever pesky Braves and Marlins. That is what adds fuel to that rivalry because unlike the AL Central, the NL East has the chance to be a stronger division, which makes the need to win games against each other than more important. So that is my answer to the daily poll...I hope they enjoy it :)

Sox play 7:05pm today :)

Peace, Love and three days til Beckett's 1st start,

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Opening Series

The one thing I never had the pleasure of as a child was my parents telling me stories about baseball. In fact, the only reason I am a sports fan is because of my odd liking of commercials when I was 4 years old. Well throughout my years as a Red Sox fan, I have witnessed many things, good, bad, and well, weird. From getting hit by a ball thrown by Millar during BP, to Crying when the Sox won the world series, and even being stuck in the middle of a rousing game called Marco Scutaro, I will have plenty of stories to share with my children when I decide to have them. Add one more to the list. Opening Series in Japan, kinda bummed out it was during the morning because well if anyone has been to Wareham, I mean way out in the boonies, you know that it's the black hole of radio reception. So try as I might, I couldn't get 103.7 WEEI to play, but I did get 95.1 to come in after moving the radio to the Drive-thru hahahaha!! So anyways, it was a good time, working, listening to baseball and being there for another first. Mossy's first major league homerun!! I remember cleaning the drive-thru station when he hit it and smacked my hand into the caddy that holds the iced coffee containers. It hurt like a you know what but I was experiencing too much excitement at the time to care. So yes, Red Sox players, we get hurt in celebrating your accomplishments, just hope that next time it isn't worse.

So now they are on a west coast trip, which honestly are horrible!! They kill me because of the 10pm start time which is not convenient *woohoo I spelled that word right!!* for the Dunkin Donuts girls who have to be up at 4am for work!! However, I can't complain because they have April 28th off which is excellent because that is when the new episode of House airs. So I get the Red Sox and on their off days, I get House. Works out perfect. Here's to hoping the season goes just as well.....

Peace, Love and many more Brandon Moss Homeruns to come,
Erica :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Opening Day is fast approaching, also check out

First I must apologize. I have been seriously slacking on the sports blog, but for good reason. Midterms and a butt-load of school work have side-lined me, not only in the blogging department but in the gym department as well. Anyways, now that the work has died down a little and Spring Break is in a couple of days, I can write about my favorite thing in the world, baseball, or more specifically, Red Sox baseball!!!

Despite the "injuries" the Sox have had, I am not worried. It's the beginning of the season and I am more than happy to let Josh miss opening day than for him to fly to Japan, pitch 3 innings and than go on the 15 day DL. I think the Sox are being extra cautious because they are hell bent on repeating, and I am all for that.

Speaking of Josh, he is on April's issue of Men's Fitness. I must say though, he looks "different" on the cover, but is it just me or do other people find it humorous, or ironic, that the very top of the magazine says "The best sex you will ever have"? Yeah, I thought so.

OK, now that I am finished with my fangirlish rant I want to talk about something special to me. In August I met some special people via a Red Sox chatroom, City of Champions. It's an awesome place to chat baseball and football....don't know bout hockey or basketball because quite frankly, I don't care about either. Anyways, it is through that chatroom that I met some wicked awesome people like Barb, City, Stefan, Wayne, Allyson, Maccie and Martin. Well as awesome as they all are, I think I spent most time talking baseball with Martin, and aside from helping him try and find a way to become a US citizen, we also share a love of baseball. Well one night he made a website and I asked if I could help him work on it, to which of course he said "Yes!!" Anyways the name of the site is Sawxworld, and its going to, in time, be wicked pissah!! I hope everyone checks it out, and I will let everyone know when it gets updated. Sign-up and help make it grow :)

OK, I am out, I have a couple more assignments to do before spring break is here!!

Peace, Love and Sawxworld,
Erica :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


All is quiet at the Red Sox spring training facilities, so today seems like a beautiful day to make my predictions. I called in last Friday to the Bottom Line and gave Casey Stern my predictions so if you heard the show, you know what they are already!

American League
East: Red Sox
Central: Tigers
West: Angels
Wild Card: Yankees

National League
East: Mets
Central: Cubs
West: Dodgers
Wild Card: Phillies

World Series
Red Sox vs. Mets-->Sox in 6 at home finally in front of the faithful :)

Alright it's now set in stone!! If this happens, you know where to find me!!

Peace, Love, and Baseball
Erica :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thoughts on Clemens and McNamee

Just thought this picture sums everything up. Yes Spring training is here and it is time to Rock N Roll :) However, there is one last winter baseball item left to talk about, and that is the congressional hearings. I have had almost a full week to absorb, debate and discuss this with all my friends, oh yes, and even fight with too. I have listened to everyone's opinions and heard everyone's side of the story.

I think Clemens is in a position where he needs to lie until he is found guilty by the grand jury, because if he comes clean now the question will be "Why were you so adamant about not taking steroids when you knew it was a lie?" And he will just stand there with that big stupid look on his face, and have his lawyer come to his aid. Whereas he is found guilty by a grand jury he could at least still deny it. I think Clemens wants to believe he never took steroids, as is evident whenever he spoke, and he can not blame the southern Texan drawl because neither Pettitte or Beckett sound like complete doofuses. So while I partake of some of my delicious chicken alfredo, I will discuss my thoughts and why I think Clemens is guilty of not only taking steroids but lieing under oath. *note: I will not get into the whole democrat/republican debate simply because well, I am neither total democrat or total republican*

The first thing I noticed during the hearings was HOW Clemens and McNamee answered the questions. McNamee sounded very poised and confident, while Clemens answered every question like he was just asked if he killed someone as he is holding the bloody knife in his hand. Some of the questions posed by the chairmen were questions that you really couldn't plan on them asking, and I felt that whenever a question was posed to Clemens that was damning, his boy Rusty Harden jumped in even though they made it clear that the lawyers were NOT allowed to talk.

Another thing that made me go hmmm was the nanny. Clemens claims that he was never at Jose Canseco's party while Brian McNamee said he was and they both agreed that if anyone would know for sure it was Clemen's nanny at the time. Clemens was ordered by the court to get her information. Not only did he do so, he contacted her, invited her to the house and told her what was going on. Sounds awfully fishy to me, and the best part was she told the congression he was indeed at the party. Credibility SHOT DOWN!!

Than there is the whole Pettitte and Knoblauch side to the story. Everyone was calling out McNamee's credibility which is a solid defense since he has in the past lied under oath. However, Pettitte and Knoblauch both have given McNamee credibility by admitting many times they have been administered PED by McNamee thus giving McNamee credibility. The biggest question mark for me is Why didn't anyone ask Clemens simply "Why did he lie about you but tell the truth about Pettitte and Knoblauch?" I would have loved to know his response. But I have to say the highlight of the hearings was when chairman said to McNamee "You're a drug dealer" and McNamee's response was a very candid "That's your interpretation" Good stuff right there :)

I have to say though that Pettitte has earned a lot of my respect for the way he has handled this, and I hope fans from all teams can see this. Oh and one more thing. I really hope they test those viles for fingerprints because that would be solid evidence against Clemens if in fact his prints were on there, oh and I would LOVE to know his lawyer's, I mean his response to that.

So those are my thoughts, feel free to let me know if you agree, disagree, think I am stupid, or whatever :)

Peace, Love, and no more hearings :)
Erica :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just killing some time in my abnormal psychology class

Huh?? We are in the library for the whole three hours of my class. We were given a case study to work on while some others are in the group study room discussing it. Well she hasn't called me to go into the room yet and I don't want to finish the study without having a discussion about it. I feel it would be unfair to me and the other students who didn't get the opportunity to have the discussion to finish it. She said that if we do not finish it we have until next Tuesday to submit it which is what I fully plan on doing. Well since I am in the library I can not go onto Myspace or any other gaming or chatting sites, so it is blogging time for me. I figure I will blog about random stuff since I need to utilize my time wisely.

So in my previous blog I mentioned how Sterno wants all his IM'ers to call, and I said "Hell no!!" to the idea, but I began thinking *yes in my car driving to work this morning* and maybe I should try it, but what to talk about?? It hit me, since he is talking about memories and ways to humiliate himself since he can't shave his head like he promised, I figured I would share my memory of the 2004 season in which my friends experience some humiliation of themselves...let's go back shall we....

The year is 2004, a year Yankee fans wish they could erase from their memories. flash forward to September 6, 2004. Remember that day?? The day the Yankees were supposed to have a double-header against the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays?? I had tickets to that game since I wanted to see first-hand what yankee stadium was really like. OK now here is where you guys kill me...I wore a yankee shirt to the stadium, out of sheer respect for the game *and the fact if I wore a TB shirt I would have gotten killed* but after hours of waiting for the game to begin I said "fuck it!!" and took off the shirt, releaving my Johnny Damon shirt underneith, IMMEDIATELY!! after I took that shirt off a guy a couple rows in back laughed and said "What's on the front a 19??" Now I had been driving for 4 hours *I left at 5am, got to the bronx at 10am* and had been stuck inside of a ballpark with no baseball for probably 5 or 6 hours, so I look at the guy like huh?? and he says "Get it?!?! 1918" so I responde with a very sarcastic "HAHA, you're cute!" to which he respondes with "You know you're cursing your team by wearing that shirt here?? Oh wait, I forgot, YOU ARE CURSED" and proceeds to laugh at his lame attempt at humor...boy I would have loved to been the fly on his roach-infested house when the sox won the World Series that flash forward more to October of 2004. Sox and Yankees are in the ALCS just in time for my birthday *October 15th for those that care* and I had made plans to go visit my friends in New York for a birthday celebration, you know the big 20!! OK hold that thought, it is time for me to go discuss this case study....

and back!!! So at the beginning of the season we made a bet...sox win, they have to walk around NYC *including going into the yankee clubhouse* with all red sox gear, and if the yankees won than I would have to go into Cask n Flagon and try and get a beer with yankee gear on. Well October 16th we went out to eat and after we had dinner we came across a guy who would make up a rap for you if you gave like a dollar or something. So we had him do one about the sox and yankees, it was cool even though I HATE rap music. Well we lost 19-8, do you know how horrifying it was to watch that with YANKEE FANS!!! Anyways, went home the next day with enough time to watch Still we Believe: The Boston Red Sox Story...ironic renewed my faith, and I believed. How sweet it was to see them with red sox shirts on walking into the Yankee Clubhouse :)

Well that is all for now, I have a test to study for :-D

Peace, love and wonderful memories,
Erica :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Writing just because

See my little list of links on the side?? There is one for That link is like my love!!! Ever since my ex-boyfriend decided to rack up my cable bill into oblivion I have been watching this to get my baseball fix everyday, and I must say I have fallen in love. With the shows, the hosts and all the ways it has expanded my mind baseball-wise. Well it is with great sadness that the two shows I love the most will be no more after this week.

My favorite show is The Bottom Line, as you could probably tell by me posting Casey Stern's blog in my blog links. Well usually I send him an IM, if you watch I am Erica from Mass, surprise surprise!! hahaha!!! Anyways at the beginning of the show he said he wants all him IM'ers and E-mailers to phone in, but I can't I am way to scared....and it sucks. My problem is I hate my voice. I hate how I sound on the phone, so how does Sterno expect me to call him and talk baseball when I am self-conscious?? So I sent the usual IM, I shall let you know how it goes, if and when he reads it. Well update time! He read it and can you believe he has never heard of Rocko's Modern Life?!?! Oh well, didn't pressure me to call, so that's good :)

Well today is also sad for another reason. I have a blog posted about it on Myspace, but two years ago today my friend Danielle passed away from a life-long battle with Cystic Fibrosis. I actually wrote about my favorite time with her on my blog, and went to visit her today. She loved butterflies and I had bought a crystal and purple butterfly for the garden but I left it outside all summer. I brought it over to her grave site anyways. The blue one I brought there when she first got buried is still there. Hmmm....I miss Miss. D, but I am happy she isn't suffering anymore.

Peace, Love, and Baseball,
Erica :)